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January 30, 2012- Latino as an Identity

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Whats interesting about the “Latino” experience is the diversity that it seems to embody. With the “Latino” population in the United States at 44 million and projected to grow to 100 million is is inevitable that “Latino” has a diversity of meanings to a myriad of individuals. From the short clip that we saw in class showing CNN correspondents both of whom consider themselves to be Latino it was as if we gained a sense of the unifying identity that the “Latino” label provides to the different groups within its boundaries. Perhaps the term “Latino” is boundless because people can be of different faith, different skin tone, different ethnicity, different nationality and yet all share the fundamental cultural upbringing that is considered “Latino”.

The question now is if “Latino” is a cultural unifier does this mean that there are alliances between the different groups within “Latino” and do they transcend the differences that exist amongst Latinos. Can we compare Latinos to Asians in the sense that it its a created label masking the lack of Pan Asian Identity or is there truly something that unifies Latinos other than just the language of spanish. Is the influence of the white colonizer still seen in the behavior of “white” Latinos versus darker skinned and more “ethnic” looking Latinos?

Hopefully in our study of Latinos we will see if coalitions have been built with other minorities here in the United States in order to build up on the “American Dream” we opened our class discussion with. If this is not the case will we just see another compartmentalized group labeled by whites in an effort to divide and conquer and ultimately to prevent from obtaining the American dream?

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Monday, January 30th, 2012

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