Diaspora, which has several meanings in modern usage, covers the exile of Jewish populations as well as similar pattern of migration amongst different groups. The dispersion of a group of people from their homeland is something that creates conflict both within the group as well as with the interactions other groups has with the displaced individuals. Mc Clennen argues that Dorfman recognizes the complexity in his justification of his own identity and because of this offers different subjective perspectives in this writing that shows an understanding of the concept that outside actors such as the mainstream culture will have a different perspective on the immigrant assimilation experience. If the term “hybrid pastiche” is defined from the context McClennen provides it becomes obvious that Dorfman’s work is a combination of the two definitions of the word. The former meaning that Dorfman’s work is an artistic imitation of sorts of past experiences and a medley strung together to evoke a comprehensive understanding in the reader the and the latter meaning suggesting much more confusion and the jumbling of experiences. Dorfman’s work is therefore not dichotomous and should not be seen as structured in that way just as in the same token the gradation of hyphenated identity varies amongst individuals and their experiences

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